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The International Color Alliance (ICA)

...was formed to meet the growth demand for global color solutions. The alliance strength was developed by a global pigment palette, technical exchange of processing and formulation know-how and a global color nomenclature for color formulations.

Worldwide Alliance

The ICA offers customers the possibility of sourcing tailor-made products under the same name and formulation in many countries around the world. The partners' specific knowledge of their local markets, together with the ICA's global strategy, offers customers the ideal platform to achieve a uniform product standard throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa.



Lifocolor Farben located in Lichtenfels, Germany was founded in 1988 and is a leading international masterbatches producer. Lifocolor offers full-range services in ready-made thermoplastic manufacturing and services. Their products include products for polymer coloration, products for polymer stabilization, products for polymer functionalization and technical support in developing customized solutions for new and complex applications. In the 1990s, Lifocolor established three additional production locations in Oyonnax, France, Bydgoszcz, Poland and Brno, Czech Republic to better serve the needs of local markets. On the global scale, Lifocolor is a key member of the International Colour Alliance (ICA) cooperating with partners in North America, Africa and Asia to provide international customers with global service, solutions and local customer support. Lifocolor also has sales offices available in Belgium, Austria and Hungary.

Ngai Hing Hong Company Ltd.

Ngai Hing Hong Company Limited was established in 1993 and has been the premier plastic resins corporation listed in Hong Kong since April 1994. Its business activities cover trading of plastic resins, manufacturing and selling of pigment blends, color masterbatches and tailor-made engineering plastic resins. The Group has a number of subsidiaries and sales offices both in Hong Kong and China. Its newly established R&D Centre located in Shanghai is fully equipped with sophisticated testing and analytical equipment. It has the responsibility to carry out frontier research and development work to meet markets’ requirements. The different manufacturing sites of the company have been awarded with the ISO 9001:2000 certificates


Cromex is Brazil’s market leader in color masterbatches and additives for plastics. For 40 years in the home market, Cromex is exporting its products to over 60 countries in North America, Latin America, Western Europe, East Europe and others. Its headquarters is located in Sao Paulo, where color masterbatches and specialty products are produced. It also has a modern factory in Simões Filho (BA), where the production of white, black masterbatches and additives is concentrated. There we also produce the rotomolding compounds. ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified, Cromex fulfills its role as a company concerned with the environment, the impacts, sustainability and the future.
Cromex has a broad portfolio of color and additives, which serve 18 different segments in the transformed plastics industry.

Chroma Corporation

For over 50 years, Chroma Corp has been a leader in formulating and compounding specialty colorants and additive packages for the plastics industry. With the continued technical experience and ongoing dedication to their customers’ needs, Chroma has established themselves as an industry leader. Chroma’s headquarters in McHenry, IL is the centre for excellence and an R&D hub for new products and innovation. With over twenty extrusion lines, Chroma has the capacity to handle over 30 million pounds of materials on a yearly basis. Among Chroma’s strength are, Quality, Innovation, Service and overall Commitment to their customers. These four factors are what Chroma continues to build on and the main thrust for the creation of the International Colour Alliance (ICA) in 1999. Their customers can now get the identical colorant formulas, global nomenclature and supply of product at local manufacturing location on a global basis.

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ICA Associate Members


PT Inter Warna Persada (IWP) is located in Jakarta, Indonesia, and was established in 1996. IWP is the only private owned plastic colorant manufacturer in the country, operating in a global alliance. IWP offers a full service in customizing polyolefins, styrenics and a range of engineering plastics, both colorant and additive concentrates or combination concentrates. IWP’s product range includes solid masterbatches in different physical forms, compounds and dry colorants, all providing high quality integrated solutions required by the polymer processing industry.

World Pigment Industries

Established in 1970, with technical assistance from Sumitomo Chemical Japan, World Pigment Industries is the first Thai manufacturer of color concentrates for plastics industry. With over 30 years of experience, World Pigment has been committed to provide their customers with quality, cost performance products and reliable services. Their products include colorants for plastics, PVC, rubber and silicone applications.

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